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Since our debut in 1967, Binggrae has grown with many different tasty and healthy products that deliver smiles to our customers. With innovative thinking and excellent marketing, we have produced the nation’s No.1brand “Banana Flavored Milk, and of course the legendary or world beating popsicle “Melona.” ​


Binggrae will now strive to develop overseas markets and new growth power. As a global leader in food industry, we will continue to pioneer with creative passion and determination. All of us in Binggrae will do our very best to deliver the brightest smile to our customers. ​


Country of Origin: Korea

King's F&N ​


Founded in 1883 by John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave, Fraser & Neave Group is amongst the region’s oldest and most established food and beverage companies with its brands enjoying the distinction of being a market leader and household name in many categories.

KING’S provides authentic ice cream treats in different formats making your tongue bond with classic, nostalgic, unforgettable, familiar taste. A great compliment for bonding and sharing moments with friends and family.


Country of Origin: Thailand



Pulmuone is one of the most popular enterprise in South Korea since 1981. Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability (LOHAS) is their principle and produce the healthy food.


Country of Origin: Korea



OURHOME is a premium food brand separated from LG Distribution. CI symbolizes a brand as a image with love, elaboration, taste, health, and trust that means to be responsible for the family’s health based on mother’s love and elaboration.

The history of OURHOME is inseparable from the history of food service in Korea. Starting as a food ingredient supplier in 1984, we have led the market in catering, dining, and food services as a general food company. Based on our expertise and know-how, we will continue to grow toward the global market as Korea’s premier general food company.

Country of Origin: Korea



With moto of ” Natural oriented products” and ” Promise and Trust” Ltd AHA food has started in nature-friendly Cheongwon-qun since 2005.

Starting Business with half-handmade products, now company is expanded to 20 of fully-handmade products.


Always we think of customer’s Family and give our best to provide best quality Ltd AHA food will grow up as leader of food industry and stay in your mind with smile.

Country of Origin: Korea


MG Spirit

Since 1835 MG Destilerias’ mission has been to create & produce premium-class distilled spirits. We respect tradition focusing our future on innovation. Our commitment to quality is the basis of our customers’ trust & our past & future successes.

Destilerias MG is one of the first to have manufactured RTD mixed drinks (first launched in year 1980). A perfect combination of our most prestigious spirits.

Country of Orinigal: Spain


Solan De Cabras

  • Spain’s best known premium water brand born in 1790

  • Most recommended water by Spanish healthcare professionals

  • Popular choice amongst sommeliers, chefs and consumers alike


Country of Origin: Spain


Rendez Vous Sparkling Juice

Rendez Vous. Rendez Vous. – Using the traditional method of French champagne brewed in the manufacture of sparkling juice. – Strong expertise in sparkling juices and successful experience in sparkling juice development in Europe and Asia.

  • Using the traditional method of French champagne brewed in the manufacture of sparkling juice

  •  Strong expertise in sparkling juices and successful experience in sparkling juice development in Europe and Asia

  • High-impact packaging design for on shelf visibility and differentiation over competitors

  • Suitable for PARTY, festive celebrations, adults and children or people who love driving!

Country of Origin: France


Louis Raison

  • Produced in France since 1923

  • Louis Raison, expertise and passion

  • Strong expertise in cider production

  • Made with French apples from our own orchards

  • No. 1 Cider Brand in France


Country of Origin: France

CITY - Sparkling Refreshment in a can 


Get going with our glamourous City sparklers! Whether you prefer classic white bubbly or a cheerfully fizzy wine cocktail – City is your ideal partner in crime for any metropolitan adventures.  In a practical can – handy, sprightly and ready to go!


CHARACTERISTICS Lovers of sparkling wine – ditch your heavyweight bottle of bubbly for this delicious white sparkly in a practical can. Just chill can, pop open and enjoy!


CHARACTERISTICS Infused with fine peach flavors and made with real peach juice, this delightfully sparkling wine cooler packs all the star appeal of Italy’s favorite cocktail into one handy on-the-go can.

Country of Origin: Germany


Cava Paul

Cava made with the utmost winemarking techniques and the greatest care. After a careful selection of the grapes from our vineyards, 1st fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a very low temperature between 12 -14 Degree for several days. The coupage wine obtained undergoes 2nd fermentation in the bottle according to the traditional “ Methode Champenoise”. We employ a strain of yeast which increases manoprotein content in the cava in order to achieve velvety and creamy mouth feel. The cava ages in the silence of our cellar on its lees

Country of Origin: Chile


Hugo Casanova

Maule Valley Chile’s largest wine region, is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in Chile


Winery: Hugo Casanova

Country of Origin: Chile


Clos Montblanc

Clos Montblanc adheres to the classic winemaking methods of Cistercian monks. The winery is run by a family that has cultivated and cared for more than 300 years in order to offer a careful selection of wines with a unique character.

Our winery is located in Barberá de la Conca, very close to two symbolic places in the history of Catalonia: the fortified town of Montblanc and the monastery of Poblet. The area is steeped in history and it is right here that the Cistercian monks settled, nearly a thousand years ago, in their search for perfection.

Country of Origin: Spain



Kaiserdom is one of Germany’s leading beer brands, Founded in 1718.

Caesar beer is rich in variety, taste rich fresh, high quality, in Germany and Europe are renowned, is located in the southern brewery, beautiful scenery, excellent water quality, is the most modern Bavarian brewery.

Country of Origin: Germany



Baco – a family food and beverage business since 1940.
In 1940 the Epstein family commenced trading in Australia as Baco. We first entered the fruit juice business in 1957 with Spring Valley Fruit Juices, which became Australia’s No.1 single serve fruit juice by the time the brand was sold in the early 1990’s.

More than 15 years ago, the Epstein family re-entered the premium fruit juice business with the launch of Apple Tree. More than 5 years ago, Noah’s creative juices was launched which we believe has become Australia’s most successful fruit juice range in recent years.

Country of Origin: Australia

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